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Founded in 2007, WINGS of Hope, the voice of people bereaved by suicide, is a registered harm prevention charity providing education, resources and support events for people bereaved by suicide.

WINGS of Hope aims to help those bereaved by suicide by reducing isolation and preventing harm. We are a postvention organisation, (being resources and supports provided following a suicide death) and we do this through providing a unique education resource for children and families bereaved by suicide. Additionally we organise support events to enable adults with a shared or similar experience to network in order to reduce isolation. Our Committee is comprised of volunteers who are passionate about making support accessible to Australians bereaved by suicide.

WINGS of Hope is a not-for-profit organisation and has deductible gift recipient status.

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Red Chocolate Elephants: for children bereaved by suicide

Red Chocolate Elephants is an educational DVD and book resource for children and families bereaved by suicide, written by Dr Diana Sands. It includes voices and artwork from children grieving after suicide and features their words, feelings and experiences.
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People bereaved by suicide are more likely to be to be at risk of suicide

10th September 2016 was World Suicide Prevention Day and research has shown that people who have tragically lost a friend, co-worker or loved one to suicide can be at risk. Suicide is a complicated form of grief.
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