We invite you to join the 2023 WINGS of Hope Annual Gathering on 18th Nov - 'Inspiring Hope for people bereaved by suicide.'

This event is free and will be a special ceremony to honour and remember loved ones lost to suicide.
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Welcome to WINGS of Hope

Founded in 2007, WINGS of Hope, the voice of people bereaved by suicide, is a registered harm prevention charity providing information, advice and guidance for people bereaved and impacted by suicide.

Research indicates that for every death through suicide 135 people [1] are impacted and ten or more are significantly impacted. WINGS of Hope represent and aims to bring people impacted by suicide together through a network of support, access to information and links to local services. WINGS of Hope is the voice of those bereaved by suicide.

WINGS of Hope is recognised as an Australian Harm Prevention charity led by and informed by people with lived experience of suicide. Our organisation is a not-for-profit and has deductible gift recipient status.

Understanding Key Terms

Lived Experience
You have lived experience of suicide if you have experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, love or care for someone who has attempted suicide, been bereaved by suicide, or been touched by suicide in another way.

Exposure to Suicide
You have had exposure to suicide if you have, or you identify as knowing someone who has attempted suicide, loved and cared for someone  who has been suicidal, or known someone who has died by suicide. You may have been exposed to suicide through your work particularly if you are a health care worker, first responder or school teacher.

WINGS of Hope - Lived Experience Voices

WINGS invites you to join others who will use their voice to support and give hope to those bereaved or impacted by suicide. You can join our growing community of people with lived experience to build a peer to peer support network that provides information, advice and guidance to those bereaved by suicide.
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A message from our Ambassador and Co-Founder Wendy McWilliame date WINGS of Hope Annual Gathering 2020

Now in its 11th year, WINGS of Hope has achieved so much on its purpose as the voice of people bereaved by suicide and to provide education, resources and support events for people bereaved by suicide. I am excited to be taking on the role of Ambassador, please click below to read more on the next steps WINGS of Hope is takin
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