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Founded in 2007, WINGS of Hope, the voice of people bereaved by suicide, is a registered harm prevention charity providing education, resources and support events for people bereaved by suicide.

WINGS of Hope aims to help those bereaved by suicide by reducing isolation and preventing harm. We are a postvention organisation, (being resources and supports provided following a suicide death) and we do this through providing a unique education resource for children and families bereaved by suicide. Additionally we organise support events to enable adults with a shared or similar experience to network in order to reduce isolation. Our Committee is comprised of volunteers who are passionate about making support accessible to Australians bereaved by suicide.

WINGS of Hope is a not-for-profit organisation and has deductible gift recipient status.

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Save the date WINGS of Hope Annual Gathering 200

WINGS of Hope would like to invite you to the WINGS of Hope Gathering, taking place on Saturday 21st November 2020 at 10am in Balmoral. The purpose of intimate, public event is to bring together the bereaved by suicide in our community, to remind those bereaved that they are not alone in their loss and to inspire hope. Details to come soon.

Certified Mental Health First Aid Training

Here is the group of inspirational women that attended our first certified Mental Health First Aid course funded by Surfers Against Suicide in March 2019.
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Children's grief

We are breaking the silence on what children actually feel after suicide loss. Children being at risk is REAL and WINGS of Hope is dedicated to reducing the impact of suicide loss on families. How can you help a child bereaved by suicide? Purchase a copy now or donate a copy to your local primary school.
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