Bereaved Community

Wendy McWilliam – President of WINGS of Hope 

md_wendy-mcwilliam-profile-picI was bereaved by suicide over 10 years ago when my mother took her life. After years of managing my grief alone, my Aunty came across a bereavement counselling group. I eventually joined the Restoring the Heartbeat of Hope program, which is still being facilitated by Dr Diana Sands PhD. The group program supported me with ways to communicate to my family, friends and colleagues about my loss.

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Supporter  Profile – Liz Dunn 

As a survivor of Suicide, it was pmd_lizz_dunn_sisterarticularly important to me to find an organisation that was personal and that cared for their members.  Losing my 17 year old sister 12 years ago was one of the toughest things I have experienced. Being the eldest, I felt that I had to be the strong one. My parents had lost a child and my 13 year old youngest sister, had found her.  There was support for my parents available, through support groups. However, finding tools or assistance for a bereaved 13 year old dealing with anxiety and grief, was extremely hard.

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