Management Committee

President – Wendy McWilliam
Treasurer – Iain McElligott
Secretary – Carol Zhou-Zheng
Public Officer – Iain McElligott

Non-office bearing members

Project Coordinator – Carol Zhou-Zheng
Committee Member – Stephanie Power
Volunteer Coordinator – Carol Zhou-Zheng
Grants Application Coordinator – James Baudzus
Meetings Chair – James Baudzus

Download WINGS of Hope Association Rules

Public Fund Management Committee

Wendy McWilliam, Iain McElligott, James Baudzus

Friends of WINGS of Hope

Dr Diana Sands – Postvention expert and expert advisor to WINGS of Hope
Leigh White – Co-Founder, WINGS of Hope
Dr Joanna Patching – clinical mental health expert with over 15 years in experience in community and private sector work, and the past 15 years in the area of senior academic positions at University of Sydney and Charles Sturt University.
Anne Jennings – Author of ‘Belongings’ book on bereavement and this website discuss a simple method of keeping only photos and personal items that recall happy events, people and places.
Mark Whither – We thank Mark and Surfers Against Suicide for their ongoing support. Surfers Against Suicide raise funds and awareness for suicide prevention and promote better mental health and resilience.
Liz Whyte – Certified Mental Health First Aid trainer
Kevin Farmer – Corporate social responsibility, shared value and sponsorship expert.


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