WINGS of Hope Gathering – Inspiring Hope

At 11am on Saturday, 17th November 2018, Sydney’s ‘ voice of people bereaved by suicide’ organisation, WINGS of Hope, will hold their annual Community Gathering for people bereaved by suicide. This intimate public event at Balmoral Island is designed to reduce harm and isolation in our community and is a registered as part of a global initiative via the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention’s “International Survivors of Suicide Day”.

Join us at the Island Bridge, which is near the Balmoral Beach Rotunda. Allow time for parking. Metered parking is available or unmetered parking within walking distance if preferred. Feel free to bring a picnic lunch.

This year is particularly momentous as WINGS of Hope celebrate 10 years since its inception to support the bereaved by suicide community.

Dr Diana Sands, author of Red Chocolate Elephants: for children bereaved by suicide (DVD/book) will be speaking and guiding our remembrance ceremony. During the gathering Diana will guide guests to write their loved ones’ name onto a small stone and place it under the sacred eucalyptus tree, planted by WINGS of Hope many years ago. Guests can also cast a flower into the water as a gesture of love and remembrance.

We are privileged to have two fantastic speakers, Tara Lal and Dr. Gwenyth Francis. 

Tara Lal is a full time firefighter, a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor and author of Standing on my Brother’s Shoulders – Making Peace with Grief and Suicide, published in the UK, Australia and France. She has managed the psychological wellbeing program in Fire & Rescue NSW, working with the Black Dog Institute to promote mental health in firefighters. She is trained in suicide prevention, mental health first aid and crisis intervention. She combines lived experience with professional knowledge and research to raise awareness and understanding of the impact of suicide on individuals and communities and give insight into how bereavement by suicide can be used to drive personal growth.

Dr. Gwenyth Francisis an experienced teacher who focuses on Psychosomatics and Human Wellbeing.She practices medicine in a holistic way, caring for the physical and mental health of individuals and families. She feels that medicine with its psychiatry and use of medications does not have all the answers and is convinced that there is a very significant connection between mental wellbeing and adequate functioning in life, life fulfilment and physical health.

Please RSVP to WINGS of Hope Project Coordinator, Jodie via email or if you have any queries regarding this event.

WINGS of Hope Remembrance seat on Balmoral Island


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