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Finding a bereavement group in your area:
Grief, particularly in response to suicide, can be very difficult and overwhelming but there are organisations and programs that have particular knowledge and experience in providing resources, support and counselling to children, young people and adults who are bereaved by suicide.

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Restoring the Heartbeat of Hope
Diana Sands PhD, Clinical Member PACFA and CAPA

Sometimes when experiencing intense grief it can feel as if your heart falters and struggles to beat. In the group we will navigate the labyrinth of grief, creating a safe haven of connection, comfort and hope, with others experiencing this profound loss. The group program based on the ‘Walking in the Shoes Model’ will support participants through story-telling and creativity in strengthening and healing relationship with their loved one, in meaningful ways that nurture and promote growth. Together we will draw on a well of possibilities to soothe wounded hearts and restore the heartbeat of hope.

Facilitator: Dr. Diana Sands has for over two decades, provided family counselling and group programs for adults, adolescents and children. Diana lectures on Loss and Grief, Suicide Prevention, Postvention and Intervention, and has presented workshops and seminars in Australia and overseas based on her research in suicide grief and the ‘Tripartite Walking in the Shoes Model of Suicide Bereavement’ (Sands, 2008, 2009).

Location: Lower North Shore | Please Contact Diana for information



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