Media Guidelines

Media representatives assist in raising awareness of the impact of suicide on the community. Yet, too often the issue of postvention (i.e. supports and interventions after a suicide loss) is not included in suicide related stories, or postvention is confused with the topic of suicide prevention. WINGS of Hope aims to share information about postvention and the potential increased risk of suicidality amongst those bereaved by suicide. Through educating government, media representatives and our community, the Association aims to prevent harm and increase awareness. The Association will disseminate educational information releases, or media articles, each year to assist the education process.
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A resource for media professionals regarding reporting on suicide stories:
MindFrame – Reporting and portrayal of suicide
MindFrame provides access to up-to-date, evidence-based information to support the reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide and mental illness. See more at: Mind Frame National Media InitiativeRESPONSE ABILITY – Driving child and youth wellbeing

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