Message from Our Ambassador and Co-Founder – Wendy McWilliam

Now in its 11th year, WINGS of Hope has achieved so much on its purpose as the voice of people bereaved by suicide and to provide education, resources and support events for people bereaved by suicide.

From the distribution of postvention resources for our community, to establishing the annual Community Gathering at Balmoral Island, we have funded and supported families for counselling and connected enquires to a range of dedicated specialist Bereaved by Suicide Support groups across Australia. WINGS of Hope has touched many families and inspired new growth for so many bereaved and at-risk people in our community.

WINGS of Hope is a unique, registered harm prevention charity.
We have made strong connections with service providers and suppliers in the postvention sector, and reached out to many people, families and communities across Australia. We have done this as a volunteer led organisation without government funding.

Demand for support and representation of those bereaved by suicide continues to be high and a new way of resourcing our vision was apparent. That’s why I, and others in the WINGS of Hope community were thrilled to join up with CCNB who will be leading and expanding our work into the future.

Those bereaved by suicide will always be the focus for WINGS of Hope and now, more than ever, we will be driven by those with lived experience, so please continue to share your stories on our Facebook group and website.

I am excited to be taking on the role of Ambassador, WINGS of Hope to continue my support of the bereaved community.

We’d like to thank our founders and community for your courage to spread your wings and grow after losing a loved one to suicide.

Wishing you all the very best.

Wendy McWilliam
Ambassador WINGS of Hope


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