Share My Story – Lived Experience Speakers

Sharing personal experiences can help in healing after bereavement by suicide.
Here at WINGS of Hope, our Ambassador and former President, Wendy McWilliam, is professionally trained in speaking at events to reach people bereaved by suicide or to support education on being bereaved by suicide.

By sharing our stories, we can forge a connection with others that reduces isolation and risk of harm, and could potentially save lives. With the help of the training Wendy received by the SPA Lived Experiences Speakers Bureau, and able to cater their presentations to the needs of the audience be it a corporate, school, sports group or a community group.

If your group or organisation has experienced loss from suicide or you would like to spread awareness, please contact WINGS of Hope on

Photograph is of Wendy McWilliam, Former President of WINGS of Hope, at the 2016 Wesley LifeForce Memorial Services.

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