WINGS of Hope is the voice of those bereaved by suicide.  Here is how we can help navigate support in your time of need. 

Care Navigation It is not easy to navigate a complex care, legal and support system. WINGS of Hope provides a care and systems navigation service that provides information, advice and guidance.
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Mary’s Care Navigation Story
“..Looking back now, I realise I was numb. I didn’t know what to expect. Who to ask advice of and how was I going to tell the children. The Care Navigation service linked me to a person with lived experience. They stayed with me for a few weeks and helped me through what were my darkest days…” 

Mary was linked to:

  • Counselling
  • Resources to support her to talk to her children about their Dad’s death
  • The Coroner’s social work service
  • A WINGS peer support person offering information, advice and guidance as Mary needed.

Brian’s Care Navigation Story
When Brian’s son died, he experienced an anger that frightened him. “…I thought I was fine until about three weeks after the funeral, but then it hit me. I made sure my wife and daughters were ok. Made sure I was there for them and then I just had a rage….’

Brian reached out to a WINGS Care Navigator who:

  • Listened to his story
  • Linked him to a best fit counsellor in his local environment
  • Helped him map out a safety plan for himself
  • Linked him to a local support group that he now facilitates

Peer to Peer Support
WINGS of Hope is working with people with lived experience. We offer training and support for those who want to help others bereaved or impacted by suicide.
Our Volunteer Peers provide;

  • Telephone support
  • Care Navigation
  • Support Group Facilitation
  • Community Information and Events coordination in their local community

Information, Community Education and Capacity Building
WINGS of Hope wants to build the capacity of local communities to better support those bereaved by suicide. We do this through;

  • Postvention Knowledge Bank
    an on-line resource with information and resources that can support people bereaved by suicide
  • Communities of Practice
    WINGS of Hope can host a local community of practice that brings together those wanting to build better support strategies in local communities.
  • Events
    WINGS of Hope organises, hosts and participates in events that aim to support those bereaved or impacted by suicide.
    Click here to find out about up and coming and past events
  • Training
    The WINGS of Hope team can tailor make a training and education program to meet the needs of your organisation or group. We work with other organisations to ensure material presented is evidence based. Contact us here for more information
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