Supporter Profile – Liz Dunn

How did you come to know WINGS of Hope?

Nexia Court & Co have broken down their CSR calendar into quarters.  Amanda and I were given the focus of mental health.   When researching who we would like to support, it was important to us to find an organisation that supported those that are sometimes overlooked in the mental health area. We wanted to find someone who’s prime focus was on reaching and supporting as many people as possible.

md_lizz_dunn_sisterAs a survivor of Suicide, it was particularly important to me to find an organisation that was personal and that cared for their members.  Losing my 17 year old sister 12 years ago was one of the toughest things I have experienced. Being the eldest, I felt that I had to be the strong one. My parents had lost a child and my 13 year old youngest sister, had found her.  There was support for my parents available, through support groups. However, finding tools or assistance for a bereaved 13 year old dealing with anxiety and grief, was extremely hard.

Had we had access to resources like the Red Chocolate Elephant book, we may have been able to reach out to her and open up communication. Instead, she shut us out for a good number of years until she was ready to discuss it.

Every journey is different for each person ‘after suicide’ and as such, there needs to be different approaches available to help families piece together the bits they need to form their ‘new’ world, both as a family and as individuals.

It was such a positive experience when we stumbled across Wings of Hope and after speaking to Jodie and Leigh, we knew we had an organisation that not only fits with our corporate social responsibility, it was one we felt we could really make an impact and help.

What are you looking forward to with the Nexia/Colour Run fundraising event?

We have 34 runners/walkers/skippers on Sunday. This week, there have been lots of discussions around the cafe of what to wear, how to ensure our hair doesn’t stain and in general, how much we are looking forward to it. There has also been an intense bidding war on who can obtain donations from the other employees not participating. I imagine come Sunday afternoon, the stereotypical accountant look will be thrown out the window and we shall look more like walking rainbows! Here is the Nexia Colour Fundraising page for this event.

How does the planning and preparation for this event make you feel?

It definitely makes me feel that we can make a real impact to WINGS of Hope, It is always great to combine fundraising and awareness with fun so it has been a great experience.

How does your involvement with WINGS of Hope give you hope or encourage growth?

I think in the 12 years since my sisters passing, the awareness and support for mental health and those left behind has increased dramatically and it is such a positive step, especially when you stop and sit back and reflect on the difference between then and now.  WINGS of Hope and the work they do, often taking away from their time with their own families, really inspires me that we as a firm, have the resources and commitment to actually make a difference to someone’s life. Nexia are at the beginning of our journey with the organisation and it is really exciting to be a part of a group that is developing and growing as an organisation.

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