The Postvention Knowledge Bank

WINGS of Hope is building a national Postvention Knowledge Bank. This Knowledge Bank will a place to find information and share knowledge about what has worked in your local area.

We are just getting started but here are some important resources to get you started.

Children’s grief
We are breaking the silence on what children actually feel after suicide loss. Children being at risk is REAL and WINGS of Hope is dedicated to reducing the impact of suicide loss on families. How can you help a child bereaved by suicide?


Purchase a copy now or donate a copy to your local primary school.

Red Chocolate Elephants: for children bereaved by suicide, written by Dr Diana Sands.
‘Red Chocolate Elephants’ is an activity book and USB resource for children bereaved by suicide. In a world where children are often forgotten mourners, this unique combination of text, pictures, and voices – all in the words of bereaved children themselves – will be a treasured safe haven for young people to hear their fears, questions, and difficulties put into words by other children just like them.
To purchase a copy, visit Diana Sands’ website here.
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